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The Quintessence of Tonkin – Art show #mustwatch in VN

Hey guys, such a long time i haven’t post anything in my personal page, so today i will review an art show called Tonkin, that i watched in Saturday night.

I had a chance to join the show along with Far East Festival on Saturday evening that leaves unforgettable, emotional feeling in my mind. Extremely beyond my expectation. At first, cuz curious about the name of the show The Quintessence of Tonkin which is quite luxury and traditional somehow.

In fact, i was surprised and impressed by what was performed there. Not only i immersed to the peaceful ambient created by natural music, but its like i was back once i was a kid, which all are worthy in the busy life. As for foreigner tourist, i hope you guys can understand more about Vietnamese cultural features through this awesome show. However, this show might be available in summer only i think ’cause almost performances were played in the water. So dont miss the show if ya come visit this show due to upcoming winter in the the north. Here’s some performances (for more details, lets enjoy yourself :D)

– Scene 1: The routine life of the youth: fishing, play, flirting between the girls and the boys
– Scene 2: Buddha appearance
– Scene 3: Puppet show
– Scene 4: Previous examination circumstance: student sit in small bamboo/straw cabin to make a test and the winner will be Trang Nguyen
– Scene 5: The girls’ performance with Tỳ Bà (pear-shaped four-stringed fretted lute) and ao dai. 1st time its like an image created by light but in fact its real women. Then they play diff instrumental music. the screen shows beautiful picture called Đông Hồ Art that is a traditional feature of Tonkin. Dancer in lotus clothes practice grace posture
– Scene 6: Mau Thoai legend

– Scene 7: Len Dong is a ritual practiced in Vietnamese folk religion and the mother goddess religion Dao Mau in which followers become spirit mediums for various deities.
– Scene 8: Usual trade at village in the morning and farmer begin new day on their fields, harvest grapes. Traditional game with real buffalo and a kid’s nice frame of VN village
– Scene 9: Lighting bicycle bring bamboo stuff. people bring stuff to catch eels, fishes from the stand down to the stage.
– Scene 10: Festival notice by a man. Singing “Cheo” – famous type of music in Bac Ninh like a conversation of women and men. Bamboo dancing, Stilt walking after that to interact with guest
Final: Sing “Nguoi o dung ve” (stay here, don’t leave) song – kind of thanks from the artists

Thanks Linh Chloe so much for all the pretty things you have given for me. Tonight, Mai and Linh, are two happiest girls in the world.

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